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1439 N Franklin St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15233 USA

Local & International: 1(877)951-7463 (SINE)

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Sine Trading International provides specialized and highly regarded international shipping solutions to hundreds of individual and commercial enterprises. Our record for optimizing supply chains follows two simple rules: on time and under budget. As your logistics partner, Sine Trading's focus on cost, delivery and supply chain improvements allows our partners to realize competitive cost advantages and focus on daily business challenges.

Our service centric model is built upon:

  • Continual Customer Service Enhancements
  • Strategic Shipping Logistics That Meet Customer Time Frames and Budgets
  • Top Performing Partnerships and Service Capabilities
  • Software Supported Error Free Logistics Execution
  • Innovative Technology Application

US Customs Services

Sine Trading has established services at fifteen of America's most in demand sea and airports. We serve customers from coast to coast. Our veteran staff has a deep knowledge of the duties and taxes imposed for the nichest of industries. Allow Sine to clear your shipment through customs for a better consumer experience and ease of import logistics.

Freight Services

For Sine Trading, partnership is at the very core of our services to you. Our freight logistics partners know their coverage area and their capabilities, using that knowledge to improve efficiencies wherever possible. Sine's focus on partnering with our customers puts specialization capabilities to work in the most productive, efficient, and profitable ways possible.

Value Added Solutions

We exist for the purpose of providing the most cost and time efficient supply-chain solutions in a responsive manner. You'll benefit from:

  • Team Knowledge, Exposure, and Experience
  • Reliability and Responsiveness
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Structured and Customized Logistics Planning
  • Domestic Delivery Partnerships and International Logistic Network


Our stringent quality control protocols and oversight translates into a proven high-quality delivery fulfillment system. We're gratified that our customers have confidence in our systems and can entrust us with the critical final aspect of their business process -- delivery.